CosmoCDN & iSize

CosmoCDN focus only in the delivery of the content to the end user’s devices. This is what we call OTT service (Over The Top).

However a full end to end OTT service will need a system to prepare the content for delivery to mobile, desktop, tablets, etc. As we can’t be expert to all the components of the OTT service, for this reason, we decided to be partners with iSize.

What is iSize:

iSize is the first company to offer proprietary machine learning solutions for substantial bitrate or quality gains in video compression. Beyond its performance, what makes our solution stand out is that it is compatible with any existing video coding infrastructure. Therefore, it can:

  • boost the compression efficiency of any video codec;
  • run on client devices with minimal or no additional overhead;
  • offer significant computational and energy efficiency for video encoding on resource-constrained devices (drones, action-cams, smartphones, etc.).

These advantages allow our clients to seamlessly integrate our solution and benefit from bitrate saving and quality improvement for their video delivery services.

You can read more about iSize on their homepage: